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La Strada del Vino Rosso “The Road to Red Wine”

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The Distillers of Maryland & Washington, DC

Posted by Tony Fiore

In the 2016-2017 winter edition of Distiller magazine, Fiore Winery & Distillery is featured as one of Maryland’s premier producers of Rye Whisky. An excerpt from the magazine article follows.

“No discussion of Maryland distilling would be complete without Mike Fiore. Fiore is a powerhouse of energy and opinions. When you have found Mike, you have found a lot of laughter. In short, you have found the party – a one-man party with lots of life experiences and beverage alcohol experience.

With his wife Rose, Mike bought a farm 45 minutes outside of Baltimore in 1975, and having grown up on wineries in his native Italy, he began planting grapes, opening a winery in 1986. As the wine continued to sell, he added to the gardens, and tasting room. The whole operation grew in size and scope to include a wedding venue.

Fiore led a group who successfully lobbied for allowing Maryland winemakers to distill 200 gallons of grappa in 2005, an amount that was later increased to 1,900 gallons in the Maryland Winery Modernization Act of 2010. Fiore began making …”

Read the rest of the article on page 50 of Distiller Magazine – 2016/2017 Winter Edition.

Best of Harford County 2019

Posted by Tony Fiore

Thank you to everyone who voted, Fiore Winery & Distillery was awarded Best Vineyard/Winery for the Best of Harford County 2019. 


“From the bustle of Bel Air to the Havre de Grace boardwalk to the rolling hills of farm country, Harford County is filled with passionate people and businesses striving to make the community a better place to live.

Here we celebrate local businesses, organizations and people that are the best at what they do.

A gym that’s also a gathering place. A dental practice that gives back to the community. A furniture shop that has something for almost everyone. These Harford players are at the top of their game — according to you, our readers.”

Full List of Winners

’Old-guard’ Maryland winery evolving with new grapes, more spirits

Posted by Tony Fiore

Mike Fiore was quoted in the November 2019 is featured in an article by Paul Vigna. An excerpt from the article follows.

“We still have plenty of Cabernet Sauvignon, about 3 acres,” he said. “We are in the process of replacing the pulled-out vines with Valvin Muscat and Traminette, which we planted last year. Then this coming year we will be planting Alvarinho and Barbera. I look forward to making a Ripasso of Chambourcin with the Barbera skins. That ought to make an incredible glass of wine. The reason why I am planting Valvin Moscat is to blend with Sangiovese and produce some rosé.”


Read the full article here.

Top Maryland Wines Named At 2019 Maryland Governor’s Cup

Posted by Tony Fiore

Fiore Winery won several awards at The 2019 Maryland Governor’s Cup Competition.



Rosé: Fiore Winery • Rosé NV



Fiore Winery • Meritage 2014

Fiore Winery • Rosé NV



Fiore Winery • Sangiovese 2014


“The 2019 Maryland Governor’s Cup competition featured 140 entries from nearly 30 Maryland wineries. This annual competition features Maryland-made wines, produced with grapes and fruits grown in the state. Maryland vineyards currently grow nearly 1000 acres of grapes in throughout each of the state’s regions. “

Read the full press release and more information here

Maryland Grape Harvest Good for the Glass and the Economy

Posted by Tony Fiore

Mike Fiore owner of Fiore Winery & Distillery was recently quoted in Lancaster Farming for an article on 2019’s Maryland grape harvest.

Mike Fiore was quoted as saying…

“The early spring and summer rains were a little scary, but the later season hot days and cold nights have brought a balance in sugar and acidity to our Cabernet Sauvignon that looks like a miracle. In general, overall our yields were lower than normal, but our Cabernet Sauvignon and Chambourcin had a fantastic year. I would have to say that this was one of the best harvests we ever had.”

Read the full article here.

Fiore featured in International Wine Review’s The Wines of Maryland

Posted by Tony Fiore

From their website: “The International Wine Review (IWR) was launched in 2005 to provide the wine trade (importers, distributors, retailers, sommeliers) and wine enthusiasts, with current, accurate information regarding important wines and regions of the world. Our publication is not just a list of wines with scores; we provide insight and understanding of viticulture and winemaking, appellations, wine styles, pairing food and wine, and market issues.”

The full report on The Wines of Maryland and many more reports from around the world are available on The International Wine Review website.

11 Amazing Wine-Country Day Trips Near DC

Posted by Tony Fiore

Fiore Winery & Distillery was recently featured in Washingtonian Magazine for an article on 11 Amazing Wine-Country Day Trips Near DC.

Fiore Was featured on the Maryland’s Oldest Wineries: Day Trip…

“Two of the owners, Mike and Rose Fiore, were raised in Italy, and many of the winery’s offerings—including a fruity Sangiovese and semidry Prosecco—reflect that heritage. The winery also samples house-distilled limoncello and grappa.”

Read the full article here.

Maryland’s Wine Regions on the Rise

Posted by Tony Fiore

Mike Fiore was quoted in the May 2017 Issue of Wine Spectator Maryland wine is featured in an article by Dave Mcintyre. An excerpt from the article follows.

“Maryland’s impact on the history of U.S. viticulture exceeds its reputation for fine wine. In the 1940s, Philip Wagner popularized French-American hybrid grape varieties hearty enough to withstand the humid, rainy East Coast climate. That sparked the growth of viticulture along the Eastern Seaboard until later winemakers figured out how to grow European Vitis vinifera varieties, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay…”


Read the full article here.

Fiore profiled by The Virginia Grape

Posted by Tony Fiore

Several weeks ago Fiore Winery & Distillery was visited by Brian Yost writer for The Virginia Grape wine blog. It was a pleasure meeting him and we look forward to any future visits. An excerpt from the article follows.

“​​I just love stumbling across something unexpected. I saw Fiore Winery on the Maryland wine map, but they were totally off my radar. I had heard absolutely nothing about them. While exploring the Maryland Piedmont, I stopped in their tasting room and now I can’t stop talking about my experience, the wine and the grappa. Yes, they are also a craft distillery.

The area around Fiore is rural. The immediate region is largely farmland dotted with small towns. The winery itself seems to sit right at the edge of the rolling hills that comprise the Piedmont. The vines occupy a slope that provides good sun exposure and drainage. The location also provides a commanding view of the plain that spreads out below the vineyards and tasting room…”

Read the rest of the article here.

6 Top Wineries Near Washington, D.C.

Posted by Tony Fiore

Fiore Winery & Distillery is featured as one of The Top 6 Wineries Near Washington D.C. in an article presented by U.S. News & World Report written by Jennifer Lubell. An excerpt from the article follows.

“Founded by Italian immigrants Mike and Rose Fiore nearly 30 years ago, Fiore Winery offers at least 50 products, and tastings and tours that are available year-round on weekends and by request. Cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, pinot grigio, chardonnay, sangiovese, merlot and chambourcin, which produces its award-winning signature red, are some of the grapes grown on-site…”

Gunpowder Wine Trail

Posted by Eric Fiore

Gunpowder Wine Trail

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