Located less than 2 miles from Fiore Winery, Kilgore Falls is Maryland’s second highest free-falling waterfall.  Believed to once be a meeting place for native Susquehannock Indians, the falls remain in a relatively secluded site accessible only by a meandering trail. The waterfall is framed with massive boulders and rock formations and is surrounded by a dense forest that provides much needed shade on hot summer days. Appropriately, L’Ombra is the Italian word for shade. Named for its many “shades” of flavor and aroma, this wine is perfect for relaxing moments.

L’Ombra exhibits intense flavors of grape, melon and apricot with lingering aromas of peach and citrus. Pairs well with ham, poultry, seafood & white pasta dishes. Best served chilled (~50o F) – refrigerate for 2-hours before serving.

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Product Information


Grape, Melon & Apricot with Mixed Tropical Flavors


Peach, Apricot & Citrus with Notes of Vanilla

Food Pairing

Ham, Poultry, Seafood & White Pasta Dishes

Serving Temperature

Chilled – Refrigerate 2 hrs Before Serving