Green Apple Riesling


Perhaps Eve was on to something when she first tempted Adam with forbidden fruit. Ever since that fateful day, the apple has grown in popularity not only for its range of sweet and tart flavors, but also for its mystical and somewhat naughty influences.

The Green Apple – Riesling is a refreshing wine that combines the flavors and aromas of apple, pear and grape with a hint of spice. The sweet and tart flavors pair well with ham or Asian dishes. Best when served chilled (~50o F) – refrigerate for 2-hours before serving or serve over ice.

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Product Information


Apple, Pear & Grape with a Hint of Spice


Honeyed Apple with Notes of Pineapple

Food Pairing

Asian Cuisine, Ham Dishes & Desserts

Serving Temperature

Refrigerate Before Serving or Serve Over Ice