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Blackberry Cabernet


Most popularly used for deserts and jams, the sweet and aromatic nectar of the blackberry is also widely used to make a refreshing wine. Known to grow wild the world over, picking blackberries in the country is a fun and romantic pastime. To those susceptible to such imagery, a word of caution when drinking the Blackberry – Cabernet, if you feel a sudden urge to relish its flavor from a lover’s lips; please, “Do Not Drink and Dial”! Serve with desserts or spicy dishes. Best when served chilled (~50o F) – refrigerate for 2-hours before serving or serve over ice.


Product Information


Blackberry & Plum with a Hint of Raisin


Fresh Fruit, Strawberry with Notes of Citrus

Food Pairing

Spicy Dishes & Baked or Frozen Desserts

Serving Temperature

Refrigerate Before Serving or Serve Over Ice